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Notice: I am no longer accepting NEW sharpening jobs.  I will only be sharpening for old customers and those I have sold saws to.  You can contact me for referrals to other reliable filers that I know and trust.  I may make some exceptions to this new policy for local customers.
I am no longer doing crosscut saw work between June 1st and November 1st.  I will be accepting purchasing orders, answering questions and giving advice as needed during this period so feel free to contact me.  I prefer to be contacted by email, if possible, as I may be gone occasionally.  Orders placed between June to November will be processed starting November 1st.  During the summer, I will be fishing, camping, hunting, horse back riding and doing lots of volunteer work on our public lands!  Thank you for your patience........Jim

Jim Talburt
7914 North Bank Road
Roseburg  OR 97470