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I only sharpen the large tooth crosscut saws. I do not sharpen the small carpenter hand saws. If the saw is rust free and I only have to work on and sharpen the teeth, I charge the following: $14.00 per foot of saw blade.  Sharpening includes cleaning the gullets, jointing, raker swaging and filing, filing cutter teeth and cutter teeth setting. Some saws, especially new saws, require extra jointing to get everything on line. This creates a lot more work and I will add on $1 to $2 per foot. When sharpening vintage saws, there is always the risk of breaking something. Good vintage saws are 50+ years old and sometimes they become hard and brittle. I will usually anneal the rakers to prevent breakage and occasionally the cutters. Cutter teeth can break off during the setting process although this is rare.I recently got set up to replace broken cutter tips and rakers.  Still learning the process and it is not easy!