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You may have a saw that requires a lot of work to get it in shape for sharpening. I can take a very rusty saw and make if very usable. If you have an old rusty saw and think it could be made usable here is what to look for: Look at the condition of the teeth. If the teeth are badly pitted, especially near the middle of the saw, it is probably not worth fooling with. Pitted teeth near the end of the saw where they don't get much use may be okay but still not good. Pitting in the saw blade may be okay if not too extensive. A lot of deep pitting in the blade is probably not worth the effort.

One broken tooth won't kill a saw especially near the end. More than one broken tooth near the middle and I wouldn't mess with it. I may be able to replace a broken tooth or raker.  There will be an additional charge for the repair.

You may want to save some bucks and remove rust yourself. Remove all rust up to the tips of the teeth. Don't worry about between the teeth as I will take care of that with normal sharpening. If you want me to remove all rust, I charge $3 to $5 per foot of saw blade depending on the amount of work involved.