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I have the following saws for sale. In addition to these saws, I have a large inventory of one and two man saws not listed. I have a number of saws that I consider marginal for use and would make good wall hangers or to paint on. If you are interested in a certain saw not listed, email me and I might have it. Email me for current availability of saws and current prices. When you email me concerning a saw, let me know your zip code and what you will be using the saw for or what you will be cutting. I will respond with a picture and saw price plus shipping charges. I can never get ahead with saws cleaned, sharp and ready to go. I always have a waiting list. Usually, I can shuffle priorities to meet dates you need a saw. Most often there will always be a waiting period for a saw. That's just the way it is with a part-time retiree! I do appreciate your patience.!

All saws are sold sharp and ready to use.