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To place an order it is best to email me with information on the item you are looking for.  You are also welcome to call me if you want to talk. However, please note that I am not home most Thursdays.  When you call, I will also ask you to email me so I can respond with pictures, prices and shipping costs.  When you request information on a product, it is helpful to give your zip code so I can calculate shipping costs.  When looking for a saw, let me know the species of trees you will be cutting and the diameter.  Species can help decide on tooth style and sharpening specifications.  Diameter can help determine the length of blade needed to do the job.

I require payment before an item is shipped with very few exceptions.  I accept personal checks, money orders or credit cards on-line at www.paypal.com.  When paying through PayPal, pay to:  jim@jimscrosscutsaws.com.  If paying through PayPal, a 4% charge will be added to pay the fees.