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First, remove all handles and hardware from your saw.  I only need the blade.  You can leave the handle on short one-man saws if you want.

For saws less than five feet in length, you can wrap in heavy cardboard and tape securely.  If the saw is over five feet, I recommend you sandwich between two pieces of 1/4" plywood for shipping.  Bolt the plywood together with 1/4" bolts through the handle holes in the saw and tape securely.  I will use the same package to ship the saws back to you.  Try to keep your package as small as possible, especially below the 84" total (length + width + height) or 108" total.  Almost always it will be cheaper to ship through the U.S. Postal Service or FedEx ground.  Rarely, will it be cheaper to ship through UPS.  If you weigh and measure your saw, you can get rates very close at http://usps.com/ or http://fedex.com/.

The customer pays all shipping charges, both ways.  After I finish the saw, I will invoice you for sharpening charges and return shipping.  Any questions just email me.  See my "How To Order" page for payment information.